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Well maintained construction zones can prevent unnecessary accidents from happening. But safe construction zones are not always a reality for construction workers, many of whom may experience at least one severe accident during their career. When the construction company neglects to manage the construction area properly, it creates dangerous hazards that could be life-threatening. Construction injuries account for about 15 deaths daily, which is 3.5 per 100,000 full-time workers. The number of worker deaths has actually declined over time; in 1970, there were about 38 worker deaths today. When you experience a construction accident, you must let your company know and document all aspects of your injury. This can help you get fully compensated to cover the damages and losses associated with your construction accident. If you have additional questions about your construction accident, you can speak to trained, knowledgeable attorneys who have experience in managing personal injury cases caused by construction accidents. When you don’t receive sufficient workers’ compensation for your work-related injury, a lawyer can provide representation, guidance, and support. Contact Timothy J. Ryan And Associates, LLC for a free consultation in Huntington Beach. 

What Is Considered A Construction Accident?

At a construction site, personal injuries can result from falling objects, malfunctioning equipment, flying debris, crane collapses, malfunctioning vehicles, slip and falls, roadway debris, and electric shocks. Construction workers can experience construction accidents while they’re trying to build, demolish, repair, clean, and renovate structures. Construction accidents don’t necessarily have to result in a personal injury. Many accidents in the construction industry only result in property damage. However, it’s common for construction site accidents to result in personal injury claims. 

Common Construction Accident Injuries

Construction accident injuries can cause injury to any part of the body because of the wide variety of ways that construction industry workers can be hurt at a construction site. Here are some of the most common types of injuries that Orange County construction accident attorneys see:

Broken Bones

Broken bones can occur after falling from a tall height while working with heavy machinery or by getting hit by a fast-moving object or machine. For example, a construction worker may have been caught between the gears of a machine that is malfunctioning, causing their bones to get crushed between moving parts. Construction accident cases like these are common around Orange County. 

Internal Injuries

Construction injuries often result in internal wounds due to high-impact trauma. For example, broken ribs can injure and puncture internal organs, causing them to bleed. Internal injuries are life-threatening and require immediate medical treatment. 

Brain Injury

Construction site workers can experience workplace injuries when a blunt object hits their head, causing a severe brain injury. For example, they may experience a concussion, hemorrhaging, and hematomas within the brain. Fast-moving objects can also put a construction worker at risk of experiencing a penetration injury. Traumatic brain injuries can also result from falls at construction sites. 

Head And Neck Injury

Head and neck injuries aren’t always caused by accidents, they can also occur from overuse due to the positioning of a construction worker while performing their task. They can also be caused by the strain of muscles and ligaments in the head and neck region. This is why occupational safety oversight doesn’t only focus on preventing accidents but also on mitigating repetitive stress injuries. 

Lacerations And Cuts

Construction sites have many sharp objects: saws, knives, etc. One slip can result in a severe cut. It is also common for construction workers to sustain cuts or lacerations due to falling debris on the construction site. The worker may also get bruised or cut by heavy machinery that malfunctions.


Burn wounds occur around construction sites because of the chemical compounds workers use in their activities. They can also get burned by blow torches, high-speed power tools, or high-temperature tools.

Loss of Limbs

In some unfortunate circumstances, construction site accidents can result in the loss of a limb, either because it was severed on the accident scene or amputated because the arm or leg is damaged beyond repair. 

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, some Orange County construction accidents are fatal. Contact an attorney to discuss your options if you have lost a loved one due to a construction site accident.

What Are Ways I Can Prevent A Construction Accident?

The best ways to prevent a construction injury are by staying compliant with your company’s policies and OSHA principles. Following training recommendations, wearing protective gear, and paying attention to your surroundings can help you avoid a serious injury. Your company should require you to wear PPE at all times, maintain construction equipment, perform safety inspections, help protect workers’ mental health, hold regular safety meetings, and enforce required breaks to prevent fatigue.

What Do I Need To Initiate A Construction Accident Claim?

If you haven’t already, make sure you file your workers’ compensation claim at your company first. Your company’s workers’ comp insurance should cover medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages at a minimum. If your workers’ compensation was denied or provided you with fewer benefits than expected, then you can reach out to a workers’ compensation attorney for help. Follow these steps to get started:

Take Pictures Of the Construction Site and Your Injuries

After you’ve been injured, you should take pictures of the area where you were harmed,  the tools that caused the injury, if applicable, and your wounds. This will help provide evidence in case you don’t receive enough benefits for your construction injury.

Mention Eyewitnesses

If any coworkers are present, you can mention their names in the report so that they can vouch for you. 

Report To Your HR

Don’t delay reporting to your company about your construction injury. This is because your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company will investigate how you were injured so they can cover the cost of your medical treatment if you are eligible. If you wait too long, this makes it more difficult for the insurer to investigate your claim. For example, suppose there was malfunctioning equipment that caused your injury, but you waited two weeks to report your injury. In the meantime, this machine has been repaired or replaced. It will be difficult for an Orange County construction accident lawyer to prove the machine was the cause of your accident in a personal injury lawsuit.

Get Medical Help

Your employer must first select the healthcare facility where you will be treated. This is the standard for injured workers. After that, you can receive follow-up treatments from a doctor of your choice. They cover the first treatment. However, you may have to pay out of pocket until you receive your benefits. If you’re not compliant with your doctor’s recommendations, this may be used as justification for you to not receive benefits as well. Your medical documentation will be used to receive workers’ compensation.

If you undergo the appeal process, it may require an Orange County construction accident attorney to help provide the representation you need. This is how the appeal process works: 

Request a Hearing With the Department Of Labor

If you are dissatisfied with your benefits or were completely denied, you can have a hearing scheduled through the California Department of Labor. First, you’ll be required to meet with your employer and try to find a compromise guarding your workers’ compensation. However, if that doesn’t work, then your construction accident attorney will need to request a hearing. 

Get Legal Help

A construction accident attorney can review your workers’ compensation claim and find out if you made any errors. This way, you can resubmit your worker’s compensation claim with updated information so that you receive the correct amount of benefits. In other cases, if you attend a hearing, the attorney will represent you and go over the evidence and details showing why you deserve workers’ compensation benefits.

If You Were Injured On The Job, You Deserve Benefits

Construction accident statistics are not in your favor, which is why California requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. But that only covers medical expenses and lost wages. If you’re injured on the job, you may need to also file a personal injury claim to truly get the compensation you deserve for a construction site accident. 

If you’ve had a workplace injury and are seeking compensation, talk to an Orange County attorney to explore your legal options. If you have additional questions, speak to one of our experienced attorneys today. Contact Timothy J. Ryan And Associates, LLC for a free consultation.