Orange County Defective Tire Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle travel has been an expected and routine part of American life since the middle of the 20th century. More often than not, there is the presumption that travel by vehicle, all things being equal, is safe and should be embraced. But, what happens when one of the most critically important components of car mobility and safety – tires – is defective?  In such instances, an unanticipated blowout, especially on a busy highway, can lead to catastrophic accidents, including collisions that may lead to catastrophic injuries or even death.

Tires are the most important invention in the car that allows the vehicle to travel at great speeds over a long period of time. As such, many car accidents and injuries can occur if there are tire defects in a vehicle. Without getting overly technical on auto-mechanic terms, several key components that contribute to tire defects include:

  • Bead Failures
  • Multi-Piece Rim Failure
  • Sidewall Failures
  • Tire Cracking / Open splices
  • Sudden loss of inflation pressure
  • Separation of tread, sidewall, ply cord, inner liner, or bead
  • Old Tire Cases
  • Negligent Tire Placement (at the mechanic or service store)
  • Rental Vehicles with Defective Tires
  • Belt-to-belt separation
  • Belt edge separation
  • Chunking
  • Broken cords

Any vehicular accident caused by a tire failure that involves death or serious injury should be evaluated for a potential tire-defect claim. The key to this type of case is which party is mostly responsible for the defect, and proving it.

Who the responsible party is can vary. For example, a defective tire can be the result of the car-maker decision on which brand of tires goes on the vehicles for sale. However, a defective tire or tires can also be the fault of a car dealership or car auto body shop that replaces tires for use. Fault is often placed on these parties for a number of reasons, including the fact that they should have foreseen that said tires were defective, were an improper fit, etc. and because accidents caused as a result of this can reasonably lead to not only physical injury or the prospect of death.

In such cases, Timothy J. Ryan and Associates car accident attorney in Orange County will exhaustively research the particulars of your accident to figure out the best legal plan of attack and present the best case possible.