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      Tim Ryan - Personal Injury
      Tim Ryan took my small personal injury case and turned it into a "win" for me. I appreciate his time, patience, and professional expertise in resolving this neighborhood dog injury issue for me.
      I feel safer because of Tim Ryan. Thank you!

      - Georgia Cunradi

      Tim Ryan is awesome. He resolved my case in 2010 and I went back to him this year, 2021.
      His knowledge of legal matters, his availability and his excellent staff are deeply appreciated.

      - D. Franklin Welch

      Timothy J. Ryan & Associates handled my parents case in a very timely manner. Low stress environment very friendly staff. Timothy J. Ryan and staff are very intelligent and really care about their clients. I would HIGHLY recommend Timothy J Ryan & Associates.

      - J. Weber

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      Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

      The experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates have a successful track record of representing the rights of injured victims of negligence and wrongdoing. Whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident, a slip-and-fall accident, or dog bite or as the result of any other type of negligent and/or wrongful act, we will diligently protect your rights every step of the way and help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries, damages and losses. Call us at 714-898-4444 for a free consultation and comprehensive case evaluation.

      Los Angeles County alone has 527 miles of freeways and 382 miles of conventional highways. On an average day, 92 million vehicle miles are driven in Los Angeles County. In such a setting, auto accidents and other incidents that lead to major injuries and fatalities are sadly a daily occurrence. In 2013, the California Department of Public Health reported 67,534 accidental injuries in Los Angeles that required the victims to be hospitalized. During that year, the city had more than two and a half times the number of accidents as San Diego. It is also the California city that has the second highest number of injuries leading to hospitalizations.


      The Impact of a Personal Injury

      Regardless of how you suffer an injury, it has the potential to affect our lives in many ways. Many serious accidents have devastating and immediate consequences and result in injuries that have long-term effects. If you have been injured in a car accident, a slip-and-fall and/or trip-and-fall accident, or a workplace mishap etc., you may find yourself hit by mounting medical expenses and loss of income. Further, the consequences of an injury to a victim and his or her family are more than just in financial terms.

      Victims suffer physical pain and often, temporary or permanent disabilities that prevent them from performing everyday activities. These injuries can also take an emotional toll on victims and their family members. Injuries may lead to physical and/or mental impairment; costly medical treatments; an inability to return to work or even earn a future livelihood; and significant emotional stress and anguish.

      Elements of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

      In almost all personal injury cases, from car accidents to slip-and-fall accidents, the basis for holding a person or entity liable for injuries or damages hinges on “negligence.” When someone acts in a reckless or irresponsible manner and causes injury or harm to another, then that act or behavior is generally defined as “negligence.” In the context of personal injury law, negligence must be proved in order to hold a defendant liable for damages. In order to be successful with lawsuit, the plaintiff must demonstrate through evidence that the defendant:

      • Owed a legal duty of care to the plaintiff. For example, a motorist has a legal duty to operate his or her vehicle with care. A doctor has a duty of care to his or her patient.
      • Breached that legal duty by acting or failing to act in a certain manner.
      • Caused the plaintiff’s injury through his or her actions, or through lack of action.
      • Caused monetary loss to the plaintiff through his or her actions.
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      What is Your Case Worth?

      The value or worth of a personal injury case often depends on the nature and circumstances of the incident, the degree of liability (amount of negligence or wrongdoing of the defendant) and the extent of the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. For example, if the incident did not result in injury or only resulted in minor injuries that did not require hospitalization or medical treatment, the case may be easily settled with the insurance company. However, if the victim suffered major injuries or significant harm as a result of the defendant’s negligent actions and required hospitalization and time off of work, then the value of the case might be much higher. The cases that are worth millions of dollars are those where the plaintiff has been catastrophically injured due to an egregious act of negligence.

      Injured victims in such cases may be entitled to damages including medical expenses, lost income, cost of hospitalization and rehabilitation. In addition to economic damages, plaintiffs may seek non-economic damages such as pain and suffering for the physical pain and emotional anguish that the traumatic event and its aftermath caused them and their family members.

      Dealing with Insurance Companies

      Regardless of the type of personal injury you may have suffered, it is highly likely that you have to deal with insurance companies. In a car accident case, you probably have to deal with your own insurance company or another driver’s insurer. If you have suffered an injury on the job, you may have to go through your employer’s insurance company. When you speak to the insurance company or deal with them, it is crucial to exercise tremendous caution. This is because insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. They are more concerned about turning a profit and the way they do that is by minimizing your claim.

      It is crucial to have your injury lawyer deal with the insurance company. Retain the services of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who has a successful track record of dealing with insurance companies and achieving favorable outcomes for their clients. Do not rush into a settlement with the insurance company. Once you enter into an agreement, you may not be able to seek compensation for any expenses that you incur in the future due to the accident.

      Contacting an Experienced Lawyer

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      The knowledgeable personal injury attorneys at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates assist injured victims and their families in the Los Angeles area. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay any fees or costs unless we get an award or settlement in your case. We have more than 35 years of experience helping injured clients secure just compensation for their injuries and losses. Please call us at 714-898-4444 to obtain more information about pursuing your legal rights.

      Client Reviews

      Tim Ryan took my small personal injury case and turned it into a “win” for me. I appreciate his time, patience, and professional expertise in resolving this neighborhood dog injury issue for me. I feel safer because of Tim Ryan. Thank you!

      George Cunradi

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