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      Tim Ryan - Personal Injury
      Tim Ryan took my small personal injury case and turned it into a "win" for me. I appreciate his time, patience, and professional expertise in resolving this neighborhood dog injury issue for me.
      I feel safer because of Tim Ryan. Thank you!

      - Georgia Cunradi

      Tim Ryan is awesome. He resolved my case in 2010 and I went back to him this year, 2021.
      His knowledge of legal matters, his availability and his excellent staff are deeply appreciated.

      - D. Franklin Welch

      Timothy J. Ryan & Associates handled my parents case in a very timely manner. Low stress environment very friendly staff. Timothy J. Ryan and staff are very intelligent and really care about their clients. I would HIGHLY recommend Timothy J Ryan & Associates.

      - J. Weber

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      Buena Park Personal Injury Lawyer

      personal injury law firm

      If you’ve been injured in an accident, you may have to engage the services of a personal injury attorney to receive full compensation. Even a minor to moderate accident can involve surgery, hospitalization, time off from work, and much more. In Buena Park, California, contact the law office of Timothy J. Ryan & Associates for a free consultation about your injuries. 

      How Personal Injury Cases Work

      Many people have concerns about getting personal injury lawyers involved with their accident claims. Here are a few of the standard concerns: 

      • What if hiring a lawyer just makes the insurance company angry?
      • I can’t afford an attorney.
      • Won’t it take a lot longer if I hire an attorney to handle my accident claim?
      • What if the judge or jury decides to give me nothing?

      The reality is that your insurance company is not inclined to pay you what you’re truly owed for an accident. They might make a settlement offer that will cover your initial medical bills, but you’ll have to sign a waiver that will absolve them of any further liability. In the state of California, most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

      In fact, if your attorney doesn’t either reach a settlement or win in court, you will pay nothing. Your fees are deducted at the end. With regard to the length of time involved in a personal injury claim, rushing into a settlement is beneficial only to the insurer. And while most cases don’t even make it to court, a zero-dollar court award is extremely rare. The attorneys at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates will be happy to answer any questions you have during a free initial consultation. 

      Types of Damages in a Personal Injury Case

      For the most part, there are no damage caps in California. That means that you can receive the compensation that you deserve from the at-fault party no matter how exorbitant your damages are. The following are the types of damages that a professional personal injury attorney will include in your claim. 

      Economic Damages

      Any expense that you can attach a dollar amount to is considered an economic damage. Generally speaking, all medical bills, including doctor visits, follow-up appointments, MRI’s, x-rays, bloodwork, physical therapy, etc. fall under economic damages. Furthermore, any lost wages that you experience from being out of work due to an accident-related injury would be included. Damage to your personal property or your vehicle also comes under the category of economic damages.

      Non-Economic Damages

      Most personal injury accidents incur a non-economic cost known as “pain and suffering.” This not only included physical pain but the inconvenience that the accident causes. In the state of California, non-economic damages are capped at $250,000 for medical malpractice suits but are non-capped for other types of cases. In wrongful death cases, the plaintiff may not only be eligible for the pain and suffering of the victim, but also for loss of companionship. 

      Punitive Damages 

      California does allow punitive damages for cases where the negligence was egregious, or the injuries were the result of an intentional act. Punitive damages, however, are not a part of all personal injury suits. 

      Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury in Buena Park

      Our attorneys have represented hundreds of accident victims, and we’ve had many successful outcomes. Here are some of the questions we frequently hear at our Buena Park law firm. 

      Why do you need a personal injury attorney in Buena Park?

      The professional adjusters and attorneys who work for insurance companies have a mandate to keep costs down, which means that they frequently lowball accident settlements. If you are un-represented by your own attorney, you may miss an opportunity for compensation that would be obvious to a California personal injury lawyer. Because you don’t pay out of pocket, there really is no risk. 

      How and at what stage are civil cases resolved statistic

      Even if your case does go to court, there is a significant chance that it will be resolved before trial.


      When should you contact an attorney after your injury?

      Your first priority should be to attend to your injuries. That means getting in the ambulance and going to the hospital if necessary. But before you discuss your case with an insurance company, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case. An attorney can help you avoid mistakes that can hurt your claim down the road. 

      What cases can my Buena Park personal injury attorney handle?

      Timothy J. Ryan & Associates is a full-service personal injury law firm. We have negotiated and litigated cases in nearly every area of personal injury law. This includes:

      • Car accidents
      • Commercial Truck Accidents
      • Motorcycle Accidents
      • Slip and Fall
      • Dram Shop Incidents
      • Dog Bites
      • Product Liability
      • Medical Malpractice 
      • Class-Action and Multi-jurisdictional Litigation
      • Criminal Torts (Suing over criminal violations)
      CA statistic

      Drunk driving crashes are just one of the many causes of persona linjury claims and wrongful deaths. If you or a loved one is hurt or killed in a drunk driving crash — or any other accident that someone else caused — contact us today. 


      If you don’t see your accident type listed, call today to discuss it with a member of our legal team. All consultations are free. 

      Personal Injury Attorneys in Buena Park, CA

      Accidental injuries can lead to substantial expenses. Let a personal injury lawyer handle your case while you work on your recovery. Contact Timothy J. Ryan & Associates for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. 

      Client Reviews

      Tim Ryan took my small personal injury case and turned it into a “win” for me. I appreciate his time, patience, and professional expertise in resolving this neighborhood dog injury issue for me. I feel safer because of Tim Ryan. Thank you!

      George Cunradi

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