Orange County Birth Injury Lawyer


Everyone gets excited when a new baby is on the way, so it can be extremely devastating when childbirth injuries happen because of a doctor’s mistakes. Either the mother or the child can be harmed by medical malpractice, and in some rare circumstances, the mother could have been injured by her healthcare provider before the baby’s birth. If you believe that you experienced a childbirth injury due to the carelessness of your healthcare practitioner, you can speak with a medical malpractice attorney. They can help you receive a settlement for the harm that was caused. 

If you had childbirth injuries and need help, you can speak with a dependable lawyer. They can prove that the doctor was negligent, and could have prevented this outcome. You can call Timothy J. Ryan & Associates for a free consultation. 

Injuries to the Baby

When a mother is ready to give birth, the doctor should frequently monitor the status baby and the mother. If they overlooked an avoidable mistake, this is a form of negligence. Babies are very fragile during the birthing process. The following are errors that can happen during their birth.

Baby’s Oxygen Intake

The staff may have failed to properly monitor the oxygen intake of the baby before and after it was born. Lack of oxygen in a newborn can cause severe injuries to its brain. 

Brain Injury

The baby can experience a preventable brain injury that results in bleeding in the brain,  the arachnoid membrane,  or the spinal fluid cavities. Any kind of brain damage or hemorrhage would fit in this category. 

Cranial Nerve and Spinal Cord Damage

During birth, the baby can experience improper rotation, stretching or pulling. This can cause possible spinal cord damage, which can create facial or bodily paralysis. 

Bone Fractures

This often happens during breech births when the baby is very large. Babies come with 300 bones at birth, whereas adults have 206 after they mature. The bones around a baby’s head break easily as they are soft and haven’t hardened yet. 

Peripheral Nerve Damage

This injury reduces the baby’s ability to perform hand and arm movements. It can occur when the peripheral nerve is torn during birth. 

Intra-abdominal Wounds

This is an injury that occurs to the abdomen of the baby. It can harm the internal organs of the baby and can happen while they are being delivered. 

Injuries That Can Happen to the Mother

Injuries That Can Happen to the mother include the following:

Excessive Maternal Blood Loss

After birth, the mother’s uterus continues to bleed uncontrollably. 

Undetected Preeclampsia

If a doctor does not detect this condition, the mother can experience a seizure. 

Uterine Rupture

This is when the uterus is torn and begins to bleed excessively.

Anesthesia Complications

When the anesthesia isn’t administered at the correct dosage, it can be too much or too little for the mother. 

Surgical Instrument Damage

This can happen if forceps or another instrument used during the birthing process somehow injures the mother. 


After giving birth, the mother can receive an infection because of unsanitized equipment or if the birthing area isn’t kept clean by the nurses. 

Medical Equipment Left Inside After Cesarean Section

Once surgery has been performed, all the medical devices must be removed from the site. If they are not, then this can create further complications and could be life-threatening. 

Factors Doctors Should Pay Attention To

When you are going through labor, your healthcare practitioners should be aware of your conditions and react accordingly. If you experienced any of the following complications and they were not addressed, it may be a form of medical malpractice:

  • Prolonged labor
  • The mother’s uterus is unable to provide vaginal birth
  • Instruments that aid in the birth of the child were not provided
  • Excessive pulling or stress on the baby during delivery
  • Incorrect delivery positioning 

What Do I Do When I Have Experienced Childbirth Injuries?

Childbirth injury damages are painful for both the mother and the child, and they can have lifelong consequences. If you believe that you or your child are suffering because of malpractice during childbirth, you can receive legal representation. Call Timothy J. Ryan & Associates for a free consultation.