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$131 million

Judgment against the Ford Motor Co. on behalf of a New York Mets prospect killed in a 2001 rollover accident while leaving spring training.

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Car accident verdict obtained, despite the client being rejected by three other personal injury law firms.

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Car accident verdict against a tour guide company, auto manufacturer, and tire supplier. Three victims with injuries and one family pursuing ...

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$4,500,000 car accident verdict for four (4) students on a cross-country travel tour that were ejected from a van in a rollover accident.

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$4,200,000 premises liability verdict for a worker at a cement plant that fell through a hole in the roof. He was an independent contractor and sued the plant facility on the basis of premises liability.

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Huntington Beach Personal Injury Attorney

Suppose you or someone you love has been injured because of someone else’s negligence, whether from medical malpractice, dog bites, slip-and-fall, or any other serious accident. In that case, you have the legal right to hire a Huntington Beach personal injury lawyer and seek fair compensation. All people have the responsibility to act with reasonable care in order to avoid harming or causing catastrophic harm to others. At the law firm of Timothy J. Ryan & Associates, our personal injury lawyers have years of experience holding individuals and companies accountable for acts of recklessness and negligence. We have fought for countless personal injury clients so that they can recover fair compensation for their severe injuries or the wrongful death of a family member. We are proud of the work we do and the results we achieve. If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury and needs legal services, we are always available to help.

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What Does a Huntington Beach Personal Injury Attorney Do?

A personal injury law firm handles all steps of your claim’s legal process, so you don’t have to. Not every personal injury claim needs to go to trial. Instead, your experienced personal injury lawyer will negotiate a fair settlement agreement in Huntington Beach, CA. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you do not have to worry about navigating the maze of claims adjusters, insurance coverage, benefit limits, or anything else since they will handle these tasks for you and even represent you in court if necessary. We will demand the highest compensation for your injuries and damages while you heal and get better.
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Personal Injury Cases Our Law Firm Handles for Injured Clients

Our Huntington Beach law firm has a proven track record serving many convenient locations in Southern California, including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Irvine, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, San Diego County, and Long Beach.

We handle many personal injury cases, including the following:

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney if you have been in a severe accident.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries, like traumatic brain injury, can result in life-altering changes to your health like decreased cognitive function, permanent paralysis, physical impairment, and chronic pain.

These sudden and chronic injuries can affect you emotionally, physically, and financially. Huntington Beach personal injury victims might find it challenging to return to work for a long time, especially if they are physically or cognitively impaired. In many personal injury cases, victims cannot return to work or require personalized medical care for the rest of their lives.

Very few victims have a savings account they can fall back on for a permanent period of time, and ongoing medical care is never free. If you have been in a terrible accident that was someone else’s fault, you should not have to suffer financially.

Your personal injury lawyers will fight for you to ensure that you get all the needed medical treatment for your injuries and that your financial compensation covers all relevant medical bills and lost wages.

Personal Injury Law in California

It is essential to understand a few things about California laws regarding your personal injury claim.

For example, the statute of limitations allows the injured party to file a claim within two years from the date of the injury. If you wait too long, however, you won’t be able to recover any compensation.

For this reason and more, you should understand at least a few basic points of personal injury law as it pertains to your Huntington Beach, CA personal injury claim. Your personal injury law firm, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates, can explain the personal injury laws to you and how they pertain to your case.

The state of California is fault-based, meaning that any injury victim can seek financial compensation from the responsible party’s insurance company.

Your Huntington Beach personal injury lawyer can determine who is responsible for the auto accident before filing. Comparative negligence rules may also apply, which means that even if you are partially responsible for the accident, you may still be entitled to some compensation. Your percentage of fault will reduce the compensation by your percentage of responsibility for the motor vehicle accident.

If you have a personal injury case and want to file a lawsuit, you have two years from the occurrence of the accident to do so. You have a limit of three years to file property damage claims. However, this deadline could change if a government entity is involved.

Contact your Huntington Beach personal injury lawyer as soon as you can to ensure you file before the deadline.

Defective products can cause severe injuries in Huntington Beach, Orange County, and other areas in Southern California. The product manufacturer could be held responsible if they put a damaged and dangerous item on the market.

The legal doctrine for defective items states that any manufacturer, retailer, or distributor is liable for your damages if you can prove that one of the following defects was present and caused severe injuries:

  • A manufacturing mistake
  • A fundamental design flaw
  • Irresponsible marketing

In these kinds of Huntington Beach personal injury cases, strict liability does not necessitate you to prove that the at-fault party was negligent in order to be compensated for your personal injuries.

The statute of limitations is also different: you have a ten-year deadline to file your Huntington Beach personal injury claim.

Filing a wrongful death in Huntington Beach, CA, allows family members the ability to ask for monetary compensation from any responsible parties that caused their loved one’s death.

Personal injury laws can be different when it comes to wrongful death claims. Instead of a two-year statute of limitations from the date of the incident, you have two years from the date of your loved one’s death to file a civil claim. Not just anyone can file a wrongful death claim. Only the decedent’s spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, or estate can file.

There may be a maximum cap in terms of financial compensation that plaintiffs can recover in certain situations. Damage caps protect specific defendants in the community like doctors or hospital facilities so they do not go bankrupt.

They can also reduce the settlement based on your actions or inactions. For example, if you fail to produce car insurance, your total compensation may be capped.

Car accident injury victims are within the limits of Proposition 213 , which means that any driver found not carrying the minimum insurance requirements involved in an auto accident cannot recover non-economic damages. Even if you are not at fault for the accident, you may not be compensated for emotional distress, pain, suffering, or loss of consortium if you do not carry insurance in Huntington Beach. However, you can still recover economic damages that include damage to your motor vehicle or medical bills.

According to the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act, medical malpractice claims also have a damage cap. So, if a healthcare professional has caused an injury to you or someone you love, the maximum amount of compensation you can seek is $250,000 in non-economic damages.

California is a comparative negligence state, meaning that more than one party can share responsibility for a personal injury case. Instead of allocating 100% of the responsibility to only the plaintiff or defendant, the two could split the fault, meaning the plaintiff could receive a limited compensatory award. The other driver could be 99% responsible and still receive a small portion of compensation.

This also means that no cap exists when it comes to sharing fault. If you think you might have been responsible for your accident or injuries, contact our Huntington Beach personal injury law firm right away so we can go over your case.

Comparative negligence might diminish your settlement by the equivalent of your percentage of fault. For example, if you were awarded a $200,000 payment but were 10% responsible, the courts could decide to reduce your compensation by 10% so you would receive $180,000 instead.

This is why it’s to your benefit to have personal injury lawyers by your side to help you minimize your comparative fault so you can receive a fair settlement.

California personal injury victims should file their personal injury claim as soon as possible. The state’s deadline is two years for most personal injury cases. This deadline starts from the date of your accident. If you do not file within the deadline, the courts will not allow you to seek compensation.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. If the accident victim is underage, i.e., your child, you have two years from their 18th birthday to file a personal injury suit, even if that is longer than the standard two years from the date of the accident.

Another example is a personal injury claim that involves a criminal tort. If there was a homicide involved, plaintiffs have two years from the date of the criminal case’s resolution to file a personal injury claim.

Personal injury victims should contact a Huntington Beach attorney as soon as possible to determine the deadline regarding their specific case.

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Huntington Beach Workplace Injuries

Our personal injury lawyers can help you if you have been injured at work. There may be instances where accident cases are both personal injury cases and worker’s compensation. For example, if you fall in a grocery store, that falls under personal injury. But if you were making a delivery as part of your job when you fell, it may fall under worker’s comp.

To find out more about worker’s comp, contact an expert Huntington Beach personal injury law firm.

Proving Recklessness and Negligences

If you have a Huntington Beach personal injury case, it is your responsibility to prove that someone was responsible for your injuries. That is why hiring a professional law firm is so important.

Your personal injury lawyers should have the experience necessary to prove negligence and produce enough evidence to convince a judge or jury if the case goes to trial.

Huntington Beach law offices need to assert that four main elements are present in your case in order to obtain a positive outcome on your behalf:

Duty of care:

The responsible party (the defendant) owed a duty of care to you at the time of the accident.

Breach of duty of care:

The defendant then recklessly or negligently breached their duty of care.

Established causation:

Your Huntington Beach lawyer must demonstrate evidence that you suffered injuries and property damage because of the defendant’s breached duty of care.


Your personal injury law firm must prove that you suffered losses because of the accident, such as medical bills and lost wages.

Your Huntington Beach lawyer can help you develop a strategy that will lead to a successful outcome.

Law and Justice

The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Huntington Beach, CA

According to the Insurance Research Council, personal injury lawsuits represented by personal injury attorneys are rewarded three times more compensation than those without legal representation.

When it comes to personal injury matters that result in serious damage like traumatic brain injury or other catastrophic injuries, law offices are experienced in winning the compensation Orange County accident victims are entitled to.

The Truth About Insurance Companies

Insurance companies save millions of dollars each year by denying or undervaluing the compensation of injured parties.

Insurance companies do so by using miles of red tape, legal loopholes, and any other justification to deny the benefits that you deserve.

Let the personal injury lawyers at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates handle the insurance company so you can focus on your healing and recovery. Call us right away to speak with one of our accident lawyers for free.

FAQs About Personal Injury Law and
Insurance Companies

Ideally, no. Insurance claims adjusters are trained to act as your friend in order to use anything you say against you. As friendly as they may be, they are not on your side. It is their job to save their insurance company money by figuring out a way to undervalue or deny your Huntington Beach personal injury lawsuit.

They may even use their friendliness to lure you into admitting responsibility or guilt for the accident. Most empathetic and caring people might inadvertently state how they could have prevented the accident, do not say anything to anyone except your attorney!

Insurance adjusters may also try to get you to settle quickly by enticing you with quick payment. Never accept the first offer, even if you want to avoid a lengthy settlement, as lovely as money upfront right after the accident sounds. It’s never in your best interest to give up your rights when you haven’t even completed your medical treatments and determined the extent of your damages.

Remember, admitting guilt or in any way implying that you could be somewhat responsible for your accident allows the insurance company to neglect its responsibility towards you. Anything said can never be unsaid. Always speak to your Huntington Beach attorney before speaking with the insurance company. Even better, tell the insurance company to just talk with your attorney directly.

The amount that California civil courts reward injured clients is ultimately dependent on the factors of your personal injury case.

Our law firm can help you determine the specifics of your case and whether you have grounds for a claim. We will then fight to win your case and reward you with just compensation for your non-economic and economic damages, including:

You can also receive punitive damages if the conduct of the offender was egregious enough for the court to award them.

Our Orange County lawyers have years of experience with successful results for past injured clients through bespoke strategies, hard work, and professional case negotiations.

The potential value of your Huntington Beach personal injury case depends on the severity of your losses.

At Timothy J. Ryan & Associates, your Huntington Beach injury lawyer won’t cost you out of pocket unless we obtain a financial award on your behalf.

Our law offices operate on a contingency fee basis for personal injury suits in California. Therefore, we only charge our Huntington Beach clients if we have won their case.

Our clients can pay for our services directly out of their compensation award rather than out of their own funds. This percentage amount will be agreed upon when discussing the contract with your attorney. Contingency fees inspire us to represent our clients when they most need an ally without worrying about paying for legal counsel.

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Contact Your Highly-rated Huntington Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

If you have been looking up personal injury attorney listings in Huntington Beach, look no further than Timothy J. Ryan & Associates! We can explain the entire legal procedure to you and help you identify who is responsible for your injuries and damaged property so you can get the total compensation you deserve.

With our personal injury attorneys by your side, you can feel confident in the face of mounting medical expenses and physical injuries. From the first time you call our friendly legal team to the final handshake with your attorney, we will take care of you.

Contact our personal injury attorneys today for a free case evaluation at our Huntington Beach law firm.

Client Testimonials

Tim Ryan took my small personal injury case and turned it into a "win" for me. I appreciate his time, patience, and professional expertise in resolving this neighborhood dog injury issue for me. I feel safer because of Tim Ryan. Thank you!

Georgia Cunradi

They are the best. They always called back if I had questions or concerns about my case. They also were very professional in every regard of my case. Thank you 😊

Cheri Davidson

Office staff doesn't listen to clients when you are speaking to them because they are talking to other people in the back round well they are speaking to you. Very unprofessional !!


Is doing a superb job Always on time And talks to me about everything we do

Tom flores

Tim Ryan is awesome. He resolved my case in 2010 and I went back to him this year, 2021. His knowledge of legal matters, his availability and his excellent staff are deeply appreciated.

D Franklin Welch

I recommend Tim Ryan to handle your case. He provided excellent service and results.

Izetta Carroll

Ryan and Associates went above and beyond , to make sure my family and I were taken care of during our time of need … Thanks Tim .

treez watson

The best lawyer that I have had for over 8 years. My aunt and my cousin try their best to make the most out of life, Accidents happen and when they do I always ask Tim for advice. 📱

melissa garcia

Made the whole process super easy to deal with. With all the stress that comes along with these situations, it was nice to have the adequate support that I needed. They were so on top of it. Thank you guys so much!

Wren Haslett

Tim and associates, thank you for all the compassion and quick results after I was pinned by the truck. You made it possible for me to get the medical care needed when I was in so much pain. The girls in the office were always on top of everything I need for my recovery medically and financially. I hope I never have to seek assistance again, but if I do I will airways have your number in my book.

Bree Dennis

Very efficient and professional personnel. Starting from the top to bottom. The experience was great. Being Hispanic was really happy seen how they were able to handle cases with all different ethnicities. The treatment I got from Tim and the legal assistant was beyond awesome. Super happy with the settlement and the outputs of my case. Thanks a lot Tim and Tania.

Rafael Sarabia

Tim is personable, knowledgeable in law and interested in you as a person, Tim stayed on top of my case and kept me updated frequently. His staff (Sose and Katelyn were outstanding and worked closely with me to get things done. I would recommend this law firm.

Leslie Bartimore

Tim and his staff are top notch! They are professional, kind, and on top of everything. They walked me through my case, step by step, which eased the stress of what I was going through. I would recommend Tim Ryan without any hesitation.

Rhonda Mello

I'm glad I choose Tim Ryan after my slip and fall. Tim was very professional and personable, which helped lower my anxiety. The pain and doctors where enough to deal with and I did need all the stress of the insurance company. Tim had the knowledge and experience as a personal injury lawyer that gave me the best possible outcome for my situation. If you want someone who is persistent I would recommend Tim Ryan and his firm.

Machon Daughtrey

This personal injury law firm changed my life. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for an honest law firm that can be relied upon to do a great job. I did my homework before hiring these guys and I could not be happier with my decision. Rosey and Kaitlyn were spectacular. Tim was a joy to work with and got me a great result. What I really appreciated was how they stayed in contact with me every step of the way and were always available to answer any questions that I had. You can trust this firm. Highly recommend.

Linda Dunbar

So glad I found this personal injury law firm. Timothy was very knowledgeable and kept in contact every step of the way. The staff was very friendly and helpful. In the end, I was very satisfied with the experience I had with this law firm from beginning to end. Highly recommend.

Lupe Sarabia

"Got a really bad head concussion and Timothy J. Ryan & Associates was amazing." Tim helped me to stop stressing out about my case and focus my attention back on my work and family. Tim is one of the smartest men I have ever met. This personal injury law firm changed my life. They did not disappoint in any way. The entire office was professional and friendly! You can trust this firm. Highly recommend. "


This was an stress free experience. They made this whole experience easy on me and allowed me to continue my life while they handled everything involving my case. They ensured I was always up to date with new info on my case. Ill be recommending them from now on.

Briana Medina

I was referred here by a friend, and trust me, I do not regret it!
I loved how they operated even during a pandemic.
I appreciate all their help, communication, and professionalism.
I highly recommend going to Tim and his team.


This firm was retained by me to assist in making a claim against the home owners insurance policy for Injuries sustained from being kicked by one of their horses. He has personal experiences as a former horse owner and could empathize with my situation. I believe him to be forthright, honest and diligent. I look forward to working with Tim and obtaining the expected payout.

Terrence John Buchanan

This office was extremely diligent in finalizing all of my settlement needs. I have never had a smooth process while going through a lawsuit but they made it seem effortless! Would definitely recommend.

Alex Vallejo

I had a great experience with Timothy J. Ryan & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers. I recently closed out my case with them and they were great from start to finish. Tim did a great job negotiating for me and Rosey regularly kept me advised about what was going on. They made me feel like everything was being take care of, and they proved me right.
I highly recommend them.

Joan Bernstein

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates handled my parents case in a very timely manner. Low stress environment very friendly staff. Timothy J. Ryan and staff are very intelligent and really care about their clients. I would HIGHLY recommend Timothy J Ryan & Associates.

Jordan Weber

I wanted to make sure to get the best car accident attorney possible so I shopped around before I ended up retaining this firm. I spoke with Rosey and met with her and Tim. Speaking with her and then meeting with Tim were all I needed to know this was the right place for me. They were extremely knowledgeable and courteous, I had a really great feeling about them on the spot. This is the firm to hire. You will not regret it.

Jeffrey Moore

I will definitely recommend Tim to my family and friends. Tim was very helpful and compassionate towards me and my husband and was a professional pit bull when it came to negotiations with the insurance company. Rosey, Kaitlyn, and the other staff members were always kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. Great firm for car accidents. I’d trust them with any injury claim. Very trustworthy and patient.

Sandoval Karl

I am very thankful to have found Timothy J. Ryan & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers. Tim took care of my case with sincere care and attention to detail. Rosey made me feel very taken care of throughout claim process. They made sure my medical bills were deferred till the completion of my case which was extremely helpful and nothing went to collections as a result. Tim did a tremendous job with every aspect of my car accident claim. I trusted him throughout the process and he did not let me down. Thank you Tim, Rosey, Kaitlyn and your team for all your guidance and support. Thank you for putting me and your clients first. I’ll never forget it and you’ve changed my life for the better.

Carrington Alexis

The staff here is so helpful and knowledgeable. Tim Ryan has also taken the time to listen to me after a bad car accident and helped me and my mom through the aftermath. Great place that I would use again.

Britt Vickner

This has been a very difficult year for me, but Timothy J. Ryan & Associates helped me get through. I got hurt on the job last last year that caused me to miss a lot of work, then I got into a car accident that re-injured what had healed and left me with new injuries. The accident was the fault of the person that I was in the car with, but I figured I’d call a personal injury attorney anyway. Tim Ryan reviewed my situation and let me know that I could still receive compensation for my medical bills and possibly pain and suffering. After 6 months, they had an offer from the insurance company that they wanted to turn down, but wanted to speak with me about it first. I thought it was enough but they were adamant that they could get more. They ended up getting me double the amount of the initial offer. If I did not have that settlement money, I don’t know how my family and I would have kept our home. I lost my job this year and my wife does not make much. Thank you to everyone at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates. Your compassion and dedication has meant the world to my lil fam.

Robert Tarpley

Enjoyed everything about this business. I went in there not knowing where to begin but was guided and represented by knowledgeable and determined individuals. Thank you guys for all of the help.

Renee Haslett

Thank you Tim, Rosey, and Kaitlyn for the tremendous job you did on my case. My family and I were hit in a terrible car accident and several of us were beaten up quite badly. After speaking with Tim, my husband and I felt like this was a firm that we could trust to take care of us in a court of law. We were not disappointed. Tim was always there when we needed him and I had wonderful experiences with staff members whenever I called. The result was more than we hoped for.

Daisey Hazekamp

I got into a really bad car accident a few months back and immediately started searching for attorneys on the internet. I stumbled upon Timothy Ryan and decided to give them a call. The women who answered the phone was extremely helpful and transferred me over to the attorney right away. He not only got me into a doctor same day but was able to get me an extremely favorable settlement. I would absolutely recommend this law firm to anyone in need!

Kaitlyn Watson

After spending months trying to handle my case myself I finally broke down and hired a personal injury lawyer near me (Huntington Beach) for my car accident case. I was a little concerned that Covid-19 was going to affect their level of representation, but I was wrong. These people were always friendly and helpful. Whenever I had a question they were happy to give me an answer. I felt like I was a part of the case from start to finish. Once they were on the case, the insurance company stopped providing low-ball offers and I was able to walk away with a settlement that was 3x more than what they were offering me (easily justifying the cost of hiring them). I was looking for the best personal injury attorneys in Orange County and I feel very confident that I made the right decision. Highly recommend.

Ray Bush

I was referred to Ryan & Assoc by a coworker and I couldn’t have been happier with their help. They were helpful, open with details and processes, and really walked us thru our issues and what they could and could not do to help. Thank you so much, can’t recommend them highly enough

Mitch Lasser

Extremely professional with a personal touch. Couldn't be happier! Was kept up to date throughtout the whole case.

Natalie Gonzalez

I was rear ended at a stoplight and the other guys insurance just wasn’t taking into account my injuries but Mr. Ryan was able to get me into a chiropractic office, which helped me a lot. They were also able to negotiate a fair settlement, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for good representation.

Edward Ramirez

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates is the best personal injury law firm in the Orange County area. I was t-boned in a Huntington Beach car accident and they took care of everything. Their staff was always available and every time I asked to speak with Tim I was able to. If you need an attorney for a personal injury claim, you want them to represent you.

Maritza Freeman

Tim Ryan did a better job than I expected. I do not trust attorneys at all, let alone car accident lawyers, but I was struck by a car in an intersection and the incident left me with SERIOUS injuries. After several nights in the hospital and family members telling me I should hire a lawyer, I did a fair amount of research and found Tim. I noticed Tim is involved in different charities and seems to give back to the community. Since we are both in Huntington Beach and he seemed to be a trustworthy guy, I gave his office a call. I was not disappointed. I was hoping to get my medical bills paid and a fair amount of money for having to go through the whole ordeal. Tim came through BIG TIME. The office staff were nice and seemed to genuinely caring about me. In the end they negotiated a fantastic settlement. Highly recommend.

Mollie Scott

I spoke with Rosey and she answered all of my questions in a very polite way, after which I spoke with Timothy J. Ryan. Tim helped me to stop stressing out about my case and focus my attention on my job and home. They did not disappoint in any way. The entire office was professional and friendly and I now recommend them whenever someone mentions they’ve been in a car accident.

Marjorie Melton

Highly recommend this firm to care of your personal injury needs! Staff is very reliable and professional.

Victoria Medrano

This personal injury law firm was a godsend. Everyone there was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Tim and the team took so much stress off my shoulders with their love and professionalism.
I was on the 405 freeway when someone in my blindspot swerved to avoid a bag on the road and hit me near my back right tire. He pushed me into a couple of other cars and I broke my arm in a few places. Emergency services had to cut me out of the vehicle and I spent a night at the hospital. When I got home and contacted the insurance companies things got really bad, really quick. Apparently, there was some confusion as to whether or not I was the one that caused the accident. I found Timothy J. Ryan and Associates Personal Injury Lawyers on Google and gave them a call. They cleared up the confusion for me, got my vehicle damage paid for, and fought with the insurance company for a year before getting me a great settlement…like, really great.
I always felt like they were taking care of me and it gave me peace of mind. When the first settlement offer came in, I was happy. They said they could get more. When the second came in, same thing. A few months later I got a wonderful settlement that I did not expect.
I would recommend Timothy J. Ryan & Associates Personal Injury lawyers to anyone and everyone that has been in an auto accident.
Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it.

Richard Estrada

Very professional, very reliable and overall great staff! They will take care of you and all your needs!

Derek Rangel

Excellent office, the office staff were all so helpful and kind, they took care of me and my case, fast and efficiently!

Desh K

He has helped me a few times and has always had the best outcomes, would highly recommend

Rebecca Thorne

I was in a minor car accident last year and Mr. Ryan and his team were so quick with finalizing my car repairs and even getting me into a chiropractic office for my injured neck. He got me an awesome settlement and I will definitely be referring him to friends and family.

Catt Chakko

Timothy J. Ryan and his staff members are top notch! A Master of their trade! Especially Kaytlin

Andrew Crowe

So glad I went to Tim and the rest of his incredible staff after my car accident. Constant communication throughout my case and all of my questions were answered throughout the process. I am confident that Tim got me the best settlement possible. Amazing experience with this firm from beginning to end!!

Gordan Beverly

Really pleased with the support, care and professionalism that I received while Timothy J. Ryan & Associates handled my case.

Kaylie Hogan

Thank you Mr. Ryan and Staff. Very helpful and easy to work with

James Williams

The law offices of Timothy J Ryan & Associates successfully brought a large, corporate, out-of-state entity to its knees and delivered justice to the client. Tim and his staff were caring and attentive throughout the process and surgical in their approach to holding the defendant to account. Equally impressive was their ability to facilitate a multi-pronged approach involving several parties across multiple states. Two thumbs up and five stars across the board.

Brent Seberhagen

Very professional and fast responses! I will recommend!

Nicole Satter

I recently was in a terrible auto accident where I retained Ryan & Associates for help. Not only were they extremely knowledgeable in guiding me through every step, they were super kind. I had no idea what I was in for and they were there to lean on for getting my car paid off and helping me with dr's appointment. I would definitely recommend to ANYONE looking for help and guidance through a tough process. Mr. Ryan also negotiated a very favorable settlement for me. A+!!

Nicole Snyder

Working with attorney Ryan and his staff was amazing! I'd been in a car accident before with minor injuries. The personal injury attorneys I used at that time did a horrible job. I found Tim through a friend and I could not be happier with the results. I received more than I expected and everyone from Rosey to Kaitlyn to Tim made me feel like I was being taken care of every step of the way. Highly recommend.

John Bisnar

Timothy j Ryan is very professional lawyer. They will help you to get settlement. I will recommend them.

Rohit Sharma

Tim Ryan stayed on top of my case and called me frequently with updates. He’s very receptive to any ideas you may have on your case. His staff is outstanding. When they said something was going to be ready, it was ready. His office wasn’t that close to my home but he came highly recommended and I decided the distance didn’t matter. Tim Ryan is very personable and seems to be genuinely interested in your situation. I would definitely recommend his office if you’re looking for a personal injury attorney j

Virginia R

This stellar review is long overdue... I was in a car accident in 2014 and looked everywhere for a good lawyer. The whole process of locating an attorney is intimidating and I wanted to find someone I’m comfortable with. Friends gave me some recommendations, luckily someone referred me to Timothy J. Ryan & Associates Personal Injury Lawyers. I ended up going with Tim and I am very happy happy I did, they walked me through each step and made me feel comfortable. Here’s a bit about my ordeal .... I called and spoke with a receptionist that transferred me to someone who did an intake. The intake went over what happened in my collision and basic info. I felt comfortable the entire time and like I was being taken care of. I then had an appointment with Mr. Ryan. I met with Tim for about an hour and I decided to proceed. We ended up reaching a settlement and I cannot state how thrilled I am with the results. I am very happy I chose Timothy J. Ryan and Associates. Every interaction I had with Tim, Rosey, and the rest of his team seemed like they really cared about me and my case. If i ever have anything come up, I will go to them with any legal needs. I highly recommend giving them a call if you are looking for an honest and reputable attorney.

Kristopher Bradford

I have worked with Tim on numerous occasions. Tim is a down-to-earth guy that will not only help you get the maximum compensation for your case, but will make sure you get the one-on-one time needed to feel comfortable and secure throughout the process. Great guy. Great people. Great injury attorney.

Randy Collins

I’m an attorney, so people are constantly asking me if I know a great pi firm. Without a doubt, Timothy J. Ryan and his staff are a great firm, arguably one of the best personal injury law firms in California. Tim has been in Huntington Beach for more than 30 years and is known for his contribution to charity and participation in charitable events. Great guy.

Leanna Der-Grigorian

I have so many wonderful things to say about this firm, their staff was so unbelievably helpful and extremely attentive to my needs. They were very quick to respond to me when i reached out to them, at all hours. This was my very first car accident and they made the entire stressful situation way easier to deal with. Thank you so much Rosey & Tim!!! Would recommend to anyone in need of a great law firm!

Kevin Green

Got bit by a dog and turned to Tim for help. Was not disappointed. They took care of all my injury-related issues from the moment I gave them a call. Contact these guys if you want to simply hand over your case to good people.

Vinny C

When I got hit this year in a car accident, I had no idea how much pain and suffering I was going to experience. Timothy J. Ryan & Associates got me in touch with a doctor and really took care of everything I needed. My car was fixed and so was I, all thanks to their recommendations and service. Tim, Kaitlyn, and Rosey where by my side every step of the way and I could not be happier! They were truly amazing and they worked very hard to make sure I got everything I could possibly need or want. Thank you Tim and associates! If you’re doubting who or whether or not you should call a personal injury firm, call these guys. You won’t regret it!

Andrea Eduardo

Can’t thank this office enough. They did not settle for the measly amount the insurance company was offering and seemed to really have my best interests at heart. They communicated with me regularly and were available when I needed them. The whole process was really easy. They have my recommendation for sure.

Abraham Leonald

Everyone at Tim Ryan’s office was very helpful and professional. My case was handled well and I received a favorable settlement. When I called they answered my questions. It took a while, but they made the whole situation very easy. Highly recommend.

Dorothy Hayes

I've worked with several personal injury law firms and Timothy J. Ryan & Associates is in my top three. Tim is a passionate attorney who puts his clients' needs first and he has instilled that level of professionalism and dedication in each of his staff members. I highly recommend.

JJ Bisnar

I hired this firm after my horrible vehicle accident! I was treated really well by Mr. Timothy. He was awesome and provided enough time talking about my case. Great legal advice, worked hard and made sure my needs were taken care of and won my case. Great job!

Angie H.

Tim Ryan and associates did a great job for me! I could care less about customer service, I just wanted to receive the most money possible. I suffered A LOT from a serious dog attack and I’m stuck with a life-long debilitating injury. I wanted to make sure I got the most money possible because I know my bills are going to be outrageous. They got me more than I thought possible! Feels like I hit the lottery! Still afraid of dogs, but the sweet mula has helped me move on

Cephas Conceptt

Thank you Mr. Ryan for helping me after my accident

Jo Greene

Got into a really bad car accident and Timothy J. Ryan & Associates was amazing. Everyone at the office went out of their way to make us comfortable and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our experience. Everything I asked for, they did. Everything I wanted, I received. I highly recommend them for car accident compensation.

Praise Jordan

A very good experience. When I first began searching for a doctor who could treat my medical condition after the accident, I was told about attorney Ryan by a friend. The friend had used Ryan's services and was very pleased. I was more than pleased as well. Thanks everyone for your service. It was a traumatic period for me and I'm slowly getting back to my normal routine! Again, thank you Attorney Ryan and staff.

Rodger Vierra

Thanks to Timothy and his hard working staff i healed from my injuries from where they had sent me for therapy and settled my case well!! i will forever remember what you and your staff has done for me and with no hesitations would recommend this firm to anyone in need of help!!

Alberto Rivera

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates delivered everything they promised and more. I got into a car accident on PCH in HB and my life hasn’t been the same ever since. Without Tim I don’t know how I would be able to pay for everything since I didn’t have medical insurance at the time of the collision. Plus, the additional amount I received in excess of my medical expense costs was huge when buying a house. Throughout the process, I always felt like their staff was taking care of everything and I didn’t have to worry. In the end, I was right.

HustleWith MKB

Very thorough and professional individual.
Dick Lobin
Century 21 Award
Irvine, Ca.

Dick Lobin


Brandy Elmore

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