Orange County Prescription Drug Errors Attorney

The small mistakes made by healthcare practitioners can have dramatic consequences on your wellbeing. Medical malpractice is widespread in the health industry, where many patients are hurt by avoidable errors. Ways that this can happen include prescription drug errors, which come in several forms. You may have received the wrong medication or dosage. When you are experiencing a prescription drug error, this can be life-threatening. If you have been harmed by the medicine you were prescribed, you can seek compensation for your damages. There are attorneys that can help you overcome your loss and obtain the settlement you deserve. 

Your health is important, and when harmed can have long-term consequences on your life. After enduring a prescription drug error, you can speak with a medical malpractice attorney to help you secure a settlement. Call Timothy J. Ryan & Associates for a free consultation. 

Different Types of Prescription Drug Errors


These errors can happen to you in a variety of ways and aren’t limited to you being given the wrong medication.

Medication To Which You are Allergic

When your doctor prescribes you medication of any kind, whether it’s pills, cream, or liquid, they should be completely aware of whether you will have an allergic reaction to it. Your doctor should already know what you are allergic to and should be knowledgeable about the medicines they provide for your illness. If you have an allergic reaction to medication prescribed to you, then you can seek damages.

Medication That Reacts Negatively With Another Medication

Your doctor should check if you are on any current medication before prescribing you brand new medication. They should also check if the two different medications will affect each other in a negative way. Your doctor should be knowledgeable of all the contraindications between the chemicals in each drug. If these chemicals interactions can be life-threatening or dangerous, you shouldn’t be taking one of them. When you become gravely ill because of a bad reaction, you should get legal help. 

Mislabeled Medication

Sometimes a medical container gets mislabeled due to carelessness or neglect. If you believe the medication you received is the wrong one and have identified that it is with valid proof, then you have a case of medical malpractice. 

Wrong Dosage of Medication

Even if you receive the correct medication, the dosage has to be correct. This is very crucial because too much or too little medication can create drastic side effects. For example, high blood pressure and diabetic patients can easily undergo organ failure just by receiving the wrong dosage of their medication. 

No Warning of Side Effects

If your doctor did not inform you of the side effects you could experience when you take prescribed medication, it is a form of neglect. That is because you should be aware of the chances that something negative can result from your medication. 

Wrong Medication 

When you receive the wrong medication altogether, you could have dangerous reactions to it. Just because prescriptions are medicine, that doesn’t mean they are harmless, as they can affect your body’s biochemistry in an extremely harmful way. When you receive the wrong medication, then this is malpractice. 

I Think I Experienced Medical Malpractice, What Should I Do?

You should alert your healthcare practitioners and let them know what happened. Also, make sure you take pictures of the medicine, your receipts, any records of receiving the medicine, and any other proof that you have. You will need this information when you speak to your attorney. Document your pain and suffering and take pictures of any negative physical reactions such as rashes or swelling. When you speak to a prescription drug error attorney, they will help you identify the damages you endured and seek a settlement from the other party. 

Hire a Prescription Drug Attorney

If you have experienced prescription drug errors and need help, a reliable law firm can support you. Your attorney can walk you through the economic and non-economic damages you can claim on your settlement. Call Timothy J. Ryan & Associates for a free consultation.