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Timothy J. Ryan has created an extensive reference library of videos to help California residents get answers to their legal questions. Choose a category below to find out more about personal injury law as it relates to your case. Then consider calling us for a confidential consultation. We’d like to help.

Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accident Case Timeline

Mistakes to Avoid After a Bicycle Accident

Bus Accident

Bus Accident Insurance Investigation

Bus Accident Statute of Limitations

Choosing a Bus Accident Attorney

Relieving Your Stress After a Bus Accident

Bus Accident Case Value

Rights of a Passenger in a Bus Accident

Car Accident

Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance

Emotional Distress from a Car Accident

Car Accident Case Timeline

Car Accident Insurance Investigation

Car Accident Attorney Fees

Lost Wage Reimbursement

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

Catastrophic Injury

Emotional Distress from a Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury Attorney Fees

Construction Accident

Suing Your Employer

Construction Accident Attorney Fees

Choosing a Construction Accident Attorney

Construction Accident Statute of Limitations

Construction Accident Insurance Investigation

Relieving Your Stress After a Construction Accident

Reporting a Work Injury

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Case Timeline

Motorcycle Accident Case Value

Relieving Your Stress After a Motorcycle Accident

Rights of a Passenger in a Motorcycle Accident

Differences Between Motorcycle and Car Accidents

Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Fees

Negligent Security

Negligent Security Insurance Investigation

Emotional Distress from a Negligent Security

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Accident Case Value

Pedestrian Accident Case Timeline

Pedestrian Accident Attorney Fees

Pedestrian Accident Insurance Investigation

Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Emotional Distress from a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Hit and Run Accident

Partial Fault Pedestrian Accident

Personal Injury

Role of Expert Witnesses

Personal Injury Insurance Investigation

Personal Injury Attorney Fees

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Emotional Damages

Emotional Distress from a Personal Injury

Mistakes to Avoid After a Personal Injury

Personal Injury Medical Bills

Relieving Your Stress After a Personal Injury

Personal Injury Case Timeline

Rideshare Accident

Rideshare Accident Insurance Investigation

Rideshare Accident Case Value

Rideshare Accident Attorney Fees

Relieving Your Stress After a Rideshare Accident

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Incident Report

Slip and Fall Case Timeline

Slip and Fall Insurance Investigation

Suing the City for a Slip and Fall

How Warning Signs Impact Slip and Fall Claims

Slip and Fall Attorney Fees

Emotional Distress from a Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Case Value

Relieving Your Stress After a Slip and Fall

Notifying the Property Owner After a Slip and Fall

Truck Accident

Relieving Your Stress After a Truck Accident

Emotional Distress from a Truck Accident

Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

Differences Between Truck and Car Accidents

Wrongful Death

Relieving Your Stress After a Wrongful Death

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Available Wrongful Death Benefits

Choosing a Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful Death Attorney Fees

Tim Ryan took my small personal injury case and turned it into a "win" for me. I appreciate his time, patience, and professional expertise in resolving this neighborhood dog injury issue for me.
I feel safer because of Tim Ryan. Thank you!

- Georgia Cunradi

Tim Ryan is awesome. He resolved my case in 2010 and I went back to him this year, 2021.
His knowledge of legal matters, his availability and his excellent staff are deeply appreciated.

- D. Franklin Welch

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates handled my parents case in a very timely manner. Low stress environment very friendly staff. Timothy J. Ryan and staff are very intelligent and really care about their clients. I would HIGHLY recommend Timothy J Ryan & Associates.

- J. Weber

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