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Every day there are new collisions that produce new victims. The most fortunate victims experience only minor property damage. The least fortunate deal with life-changing personal injuries that leave them disabled or suffering from enduring pain.

Huntington Beach drivers, motorcycle riders, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists are injured every day due to driver carelessness. In every case, they are entitled to pursue compensation for injuries that are caused by the negligent driver.

Getting help from the best car accident lawyer can be critical to your claim.

Experience That Serves Our Clients

Huntington Beach personal injury attorney Tim Ryan helps ensure clients obtain their rightful car accident compensation for injuries they have sustained.

With more than 35 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured clients, Timothy J. Ryan & Associates is the smart choice for personal injury victims and for the families of victims who were killed in Southern California collisions.

Car Accident Claim Process

When someone is injured in a car accident, the injury victim may be entitled to pursue compensation for:

  • Lost earnings
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Medical expenses incurred in the past
  • Medical expenses that are likely to be incurred in the future
  • Physical therapy and other rehabilitative expenses
  • Surgical expenses to correct scarring and disfigurement
  • Vocational rehabilitation (if the injury prevents a return to former employment)
  • Wheelchairs and other appliances needed to cope with a disability
  • Vehicles that can accommodate the victim’s disability
  • Remodeling expenses to make a home accessible to disabled victims
  • Assisted living and nursing care expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress, mental anguish, the loss of enjoyment of life

The injury victim’s spouse may also be entitled to recover compensation for the loss of sexual relations with the injury victim.

Severe and disabling injuries generally merit the largest awards of compensation, but any injury that causes an income loss, leads to hospitalization, or produces lasting pain might entitle the injury victim to a substantial settlement. Devastating injuries from crashes include:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Spine and neck injuries
  • Fractures
  • Joint injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Eye injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Paralysis

Even soft tissue injuries, including stretched or torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments, can force a crash victim to endure years of pain. In some cases, the injury never heals, forcing victims to adopt a lifetime of pain management strategies.

When someone dies in a crash, the victim’s surviving family members are entitled to pursue compensation for wrongful death.

In California, eligible family members can make a claim for the income they would have received from the deceased relative, for the lost value of the services that person would have rendered, and for the loss of love and companionship the victim would have provided.

Why Victims Hire Attorneys

There are many reasons why victims seek out the representation of car accident lawyers.

Victims may be seriously injured and undergoing medical treatment which may impair their ability to represent themselves.

Many victims simply do not have the time to research the law and complete all the necessary steps required in bringing a car accident claim. A collision victim may realize that their chance of successfully bringing their claim requires the knowledge of an experienced lawyer.

Finally, victims may be unsure of the proper way to handle and negotiate with insurance companies. The No Win, No Fee Promise at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates allows victims the peace of mind of having an experienced lawyer on their side, easing the stress and burden of litigating their claim.

Victims are oftentimes seriously injured. They may need ongoing medical treatment for injuries that are painful and impair their ability to complete daily tasks.

Often their injuries require strong medications which leave the victims tired and impact their decision-making ability, memory and other cognitive processes. When a car accident victim has been seriously injured, their injuries and resulting treatment and medications will prevent them from being able to handle their legal claims on their own.

By hiring a car accident lawyer, victims can be sure that their interests are being represented competently, which allows them to take time for recovery and healing.

How Our Law Firm Can Help

As a collision victim, there are an enormous number of tasks that will require your attention if you are not represented by an attorney.

Some of these tasks include speaking to the police, obtaining copies of reports, collecting evidence and witness statements, reviewing traffic and surveillance footage, speaking to insurance companies and obtaining medical records and reports.

Once those steps are completed, the victim must then start the complicated process of bringing a legal claim, including filing and presenting their case in court. Many car accident victims find the time commitment required to complete these steps in addition to researching the law too much of a burden on top of their daily lives, jobs and ongoing medical treatment.

Hiring a car accident lawyer alleviates a large amount of the stress that a car accident victim would otherwise have to endure on their own.

Having an auto accident law firm is also helpful when dealing with insurance companies. Some victims mistakenly believe that the insurance company is on their side and may make statements or claims that will damage their ability to recover compensation in court.

Having an experienced attorney help you accurately represent the accident to insurance companies and negotiate a possible out of court settlement is of the utmost importance.

The auto accident attorneys at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates have years of experience negotiating car accident settlements and winning victim’s court cases.

Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of auto accidents, insurance law and personal injury law, making your success and full financial recovery as easy as possible.

No Win, No Fee Promise Minimizes Risk

Timothy J. Ryan & Associates’ No Win, No Fee Promise minimizes all risk for victims. If you do not win your case, then you do not owe us attorney fees. This means that we work harder to ensure your claim is successful, without a financial burden on our clients in the event of an unsuccessful claim.

From our convenient Huntington Beach office, our lawyers assist crash victims in Orange County and in all Southern California locations. To make sure that you can afford to hire a lawyer, we offer contingent fees.

That means that our lawyers do not collect a fee unless your case is won or settled. The terms of a settlement are always subject to your approval, so there will be money available from the settlement or verdict to pay our fee and the expenses (such as the cost of expert witnesses) that we incur in order to maximize your recovery.

Our representation begins with a careful investigation of the facts. The longer you delay, the more difficult it becomes to gather evidence about the accident. In addition, a failure to obtain prompt legal information can harm your opportunity to obtain full compensation for your injuries.

You may even lose your right to bring a claim if you do not meet deadlines that are imposed by California law.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

To put an experienced team of legal professionals to work on your case, call 714-898-4444. We do not charge a fee to evaluate your case or to give you information about your options for bringing a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Our Orange County car accident lawyer treats everyone with the care, compassion, and dedication needed to ensure they feel secure and their cases are handled with the highest level of professionalism.


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