Good Experience With Your Insurance Adjuster? We Want To Know!

Folders with documentsAlmost everyone that has suffered injuries in a car accident that has pursued compensation knows that insurance companies do not like injury plaintiffs. Oh, they love you when you’re paying them money, but the second they have to start paying for your medical expenses or pain and suffering, the ultra-helpful insurance agent transfers you to a slimy insurance adjuster whose main goal is to leave you wanting.

Now, not everyone has this experience. If that’s you, we want to know who you are and how your situation went down. If you suffered injuries in an auto accident and the responsible insurance agency treated you and your claim fairly, please leave a comment below detailing your experience as well as the name of the insurance company.

We’ve assisted thousands of car accident victims and have never come across an insurance company that was willing to pay our client what was owed prior to hiring our law firm. This probably has to do with the fact that those who are treated fairly, or believe that they are being treated fairly, do not hire an attorney to pursue compensation on their behalf.

So, if you feel that the insurance company that was financially responsible for your car accident injuries stepped up to the plate in your time of need, make sure to let us know about it in the comment section below. If there are companies out there doing right by injury victims, we want to spread the word.

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