Average Settlement for Car Accident Back and Neck Injury

Injured woman photoEvery car accident in Orange County is unique with its own set of circumstances and facts. Neck and back injuries are among the most common types of injuries individuals suffer in auto accidents. The force generated during a car accident, even when it doesn’t occur at a high speed, could be damaging to the neck and back. These are parts of the body that are critical to movements required for everyday activities such as bending down, sitting up, turning around and picking up objects.

When a vehicle collides with another vehicle or a stationary object, the resultant force puts a lot of pressure on your neck and back. The jerking motion that occurs during a collision is known as whiplash and could do significant damage to the spine. Neck and back injuries are often debilitating and can be quite painful. Some of the injuries that could cause neck and back pain include disc injuries and facet joint injuries. Facet joints work with spinal discs to help your body make strong, controlled movements.

What is Your Case Worth?

The value of your car accident back or neck injury case depends on a number of factors. No two cases are exactly alike and the facts of the case play a central role in determining what your injury claim may be worth. You might have to consider what jury might be willing to award the plaintiff who is suing for a neck injury. That said, a vast majority of car accident cases do not go to a jury, but are settled out of court.

So, one might need to estimate what the defendant is able or willing to pay, what type of liability insurance coverage he or she has and what settlement amount you would be willing to accept. The major factors that would influence the value of your settlement would be how bad your neck or back injury is and what evidence is present to show that the defendant’s negligence caused or contributed to your injuries.

Nature and Severity of the Injuries

Neck and back injuries could range from strains and sprains, from which you could recover within weeks to whiplash or broken bones, for which the recovery process could be much longer. The more severe the injury, the greater the compensation is likely to be in a personal injury case. For example, if you require lengthy rehabilitation and treatment, or if you’ve suffered permanent injuries that have left you disfigured or with chronic pain, you may be able to receive additional compensation.

The value of your car accident claim settlement also increases if you have been unable to return to work or if you’ve lost your ability to earn a livelihood as result of your injuries. The type of medical treatment you required would also dictate what type of settlement you receive. For example, if you required specialized treatments or multiple surgeries for your injuries, the value of your case is likely to increase.

Contacting an Experienced Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered a neck injury or back injury in an auto accident, it is important that you do not rush to accept a quick settlement from the insurance company. These are the types of injuries that might require additional treatment or surgery. You want to have a clear picture of all damages before you commit to a settlement. Once you sign that agreement, you may not have the ability to pursue further compensation. It would be in your best interest to speak with an experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer who will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate an help ensure that you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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