Orange County Car Accident Injury Compensation

Obtaining the best car accident settlement possible is the goal of every personal injury plaintiff.

The amount you will receive and whether or not you will be successful depends upon a number of different factors.

When a person dies in an auto collision, their family members are often entitled to compensation for wrongful death, but they need to pursue a case and another party (vehicle owner) needs to be at-fault.

In California, family members who are eligible can make a claim for income that they would have gotten from their deceased relative, as well as for the financial value of what that family member is projected to have earned and contributed had they lived.

They could also make a claim for the companionship and love their deceased family member would have provided.

When a person is injured in a car accident, they can pursue compensation for various things, such as lost wages, loss of future earning capacity and medical expenses that they have incurred in the past and will likely incur in the future. Others include surgical expenses, physical therapy and appliances such as wheelchairs that are needed to cope with a disability that has resulted from the accident.

Assisted living expenses and pain and suffering are other things a victim can pursue compensation for. The spouse of the victim may be entitled to receive compensation for sexual relations that have been lost with the victim due to the incident.

What Determines How Much Car Accident Compensation Is Received?

Those with severe and disabling injuries are usually the ones that receive the most compensation. However, any injury that leads to hospitalization, income loss or lasting pain may result in a large car accident settlement.

There are various types of injuries that can result from car accidents, including spine and neck injuries, head injuries, brain injuries and joint injuries. Other injuries include burns, eye injuries, organ or nerve damage, facial disfigurement and paralysis.

Torn muscles, stretched muscles, ligaments and tendons can cause a victim to experience pain for years to come. Soft tissue injuries may never heal. If this happens, the crash victim has to learn how to live with pain.

Attorney Timothy J. Ryan has helped recover over $1 billion in compensation for injury victims. The amount one receives usually depends upon the size of the insurance policy, medical expenses, and pain and suffering incurred by the victims.

How Can an Experienced Attorney Help?

There are many reasons why accident victims decide to hire an attorney. Those who have been seriously injured may not have the ability to represent themselves, so they seek out the help of an experienced car accident lawyer.

Some victims are too busy to research the laws and to take the steps required to file a car accident claim.

A victim may also think they do not have a chance of being awarded compensation because they don’t have the confidence to negotiate with insurance companies.

Victims sometimes suffer serious injuries and this requires ongoing medical attention and treatment. Their ability to do daily tasks can suffer tremendously.

Sometimes injuries require medications to be taken, and this can leave victims feeling too tired to do anything or remember things.

When all of these things come into play, a car accident victim is often in no position to take care of their legal claim to compensation.

When they hire an experienced car accident attorney, they allow themselves the ability to focus on recovering from the accident.

Orange County Assistance

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