What You Should Know About Hit And Run Accident Injury Claim

Driver with injured backThere is a certain situation in which the people involved in the accident run from the scene. In such situations, it is important to stay vigilant and act accordingly. Leaving the scene of a personal injury accident or what’s commonly called “hit & run”, is a serious offense that can even result in serious criminal charges. When any sort of vehicle accident occurs involving a truck, car, motorcycle or even bicycle- most state laws demand that the people involved in the car accident must follow a certain set of procedures immediately after it occurs. These SOPs include staying at the scene, seeking the medical help for anyone who is hurt, and waiting for the police to arrive. However, if anyone does the otherwise by skipping the steps, and flee from the scene is considered a crime in the eyes of law.

What You Need To Do If You Witnessed A Hit-and-Run Accident 

If you are injured as a result of hit & run, then the first and the foremost step to take is to call 911 and seek medical assistance. However, in some cases, victims of hit and run accidents feel that they are fine and does not need any medical attention. This might be due to shock delaying the effects of the impact. However days later, victims might begin to display symptoms of the collision. But, seeking medical attention directly after a hit & run accident, you likely help your doctors to better examine and understand any potential symptoms that may arise in the future. 

However, if you are vigilant enough right after the accident, it is strategically important to try to take down details of the vehicle that hit you. These minute details include car make, model, color, and vehicle license plate number are all helpful. Besides these, other additional information you may be able to collect such as videos, photos should be reported to the police, and kept for your own records. Also, if there are any potential witnesses, ask them for their names as well as contact details, and to report what they saw to the police. 

Legal Recourse 

Investigators and authorities use a number of methods to help identify vehicles involved in a hit & run accident. The pieces of evidence include the paint left on the item of property after impact, video footage from garages and parking lots, and eyewitness reports. Moreover, identifying the vehicle is the first step in locating the offender. In some situations, even if the authorities are not able to identify the driver or locate the vehicle, you might be able to seek financial compensation for your injuries. Therefore, if you are injured in a hit & run accident, consult a personal injury lawyer for the help in pursuing a claim against the injuries you have sustained in the accident. Besides this, it also helps you in getting through the situation by building a strong defense against the prosecution. 

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