4 Ways To Get Ahead On Your Car Accident Case

Were you or a loved one injured in a crash? Check out these 4 ways to get ahead on your car accident case, then call our Orange County lawyer.

1. Emotional Distress from a Client

4 Ways To Get Ahead On Your Car Accident CaseInitially, any client after the accident, depending on the nature of the incident, depending on the severity of the incident, are in a fog. They’re in a daze. They’re not sure what to do. They’re confused. They are calling me to get good advice. It’s my obligation, my duty, to make sure that I clarify their situation for them and tell them what they can look forward to, what the future holds, what kind of compensation they should get. Obviously, there are a lot of questions. After our first interview with my clients, I tell them when they leave,  they will have questions. When they do, just give me a call and I’ll answer the questions. Sometimes you don’t even know what to ask because of the trauma that you just endured.

2. Case Timeline

The time frame to get your car accident case resolved, depends on the nature of your injuries. You don’t want to resolve a case until you’re fully recovered, until you reach what we call pre-accident status, and we won’t know what that is until we know exactly what your injuries are, and we know what the future holds. You don’t want to resolve a case before you know what any future medical bills and medical injuries are. The worst thing that could happen is you get the case resolved, and then you realize you have to have surgery six months down the road from that accident. You have to be very careful. However, when you do get your case resolved, when you know exactly what your future medical bills are and you know what the status of your injuries are going to be, then you take an aggressive approach. You get the case resolved, you get the best money you can on the case. There’s no sense in the insurance company holding on to your money. That’s your money. That’s what you deserve. Don’t let them hold on to your money. The case can get resolved quickly. However, the time frame depends on the injuries.

3. Insurance Investigation

The insurance company is not your friend. They are out to make money. To them, you’re a claim. That’s all you are. You’re a claim that needs to be resolved. The insurance company is not going to be looking out for you. If you give them a statement, they’re going to ask you questions that may hurt your case.

4. Attorney Fees

Sometimes we have people contact who are worried about how to afford to hire an attorney. They can’t work due to their injuries. They don’t have any money coming in. I reassure them that they won’t have to pay a dime out of their pocket. At the end of the day, if they win their case, they will be compensated for their lost wages, for their past medical bills, for future medical bills. I assure them that , with me representing them, they won’t pay anything out of pocket. They will only get compensated at the end of the case without spending any money whatsoever.

Were you or a loved one injured in a crash and have questions about the 4 ways to get ahead on your car accident case? Contact our experienced Orange County Car Accident Attorney, Timothy J. Ryan today for a confidential consultation and legal case evaluation.

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