3 Bus Accident Tips

Were you involved in a bus crash and have questions? Check out these 3 bus accident tips, then contact our Orange County lawyer today.

1. Choosing the Best Attorney

3 Bus Accident TipsIn terms of a bus accident claim, we have to look at your injuries, take a look at whether the injuries are still prevalent, if you still have those same injuries, the amount of your medical bills, and also any wage loss.

2. Insurance Investigation

After a bus accident, if the insurance company calls you to give a recorded statement, don’t do it. You might say something that’s going to hurt your case. They don’t care about you. What they want to do is devalue your claim.

3. Statute of Limitations

One of the biggest impediments to resolving a bus accident claim is if it’s a public entity. You’ve got to file a claim within six months. There are certain procedural processes that you have to go through. The process is a lot easier if it’s a private bus.

Were you or a loved one injured in a crash and have questions about the 3 bus accident tips? Contact our experienced Orange County Bus Accident Attorney, Timothy J. Ryan today for a confidential consultation and legal case evaluation.

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