Orange County Delivery Truck Accident Attorney


Truck accidents of any kind are extremely mortifying, as large trucks cause massive damage in accidents every year. In 2019, 4,119 people died due to large truck accidents, where 67% of the affected victims were in other cars. Truck accidents are very perilous, and you can wind up with very severe injuries. If this has happened to you, you can reach out to a legal team who can get you a settlement. 

After a dreadful truck accident in Orange County, you may experience many damages. This can include medical bills, income loss, or pain and suffering. After you have gotten medical treatment, you should get an attorney to help you get compensation for your damages. Contact Timothy J. Ryan & Associates for a free consultation.  

What to Do In a Delivery Truck Accident

After you’ve been in an accident, you should take these steps to help prepare you for seeking a settlement:

Get Medical Help

Truck accidents are extremely hazardous because large trucks can cause a lot of damage and mortal wounds. Therefore, you should immediately get treated at a hospital and make certain you are aware of all of your injuries. For example, if you have soft tissue injuries, your doctor can recognize these so additional pain doesn’t appear later. 

Collect Photographic Evidence

You should take pictures of your car, the truck, and any tire marks on the street to help depict how the accident happened. This can further your case with valuable evidence that describes who is at fault for the collision. 

Collect Witness Contact Information

If you notice any bystanders, try to get their contact information. This way, you can receive additional support from them.

Get a Police Report

When the police show up at the scene, they’ll be able to put on record your side of the story. This can be used as additional evidence at a later date. 

Contact an Attorney

You will need a legal professional to help you get compensation for all the damages you experienced. They also perform an investigation and will analyze all of the evidence you provide for them. For example, your lawyer may use traffic cameras, the truck’s black box, drug tests for the truck drivers, and their driving infraction record. All of this can be used against the responsible party to help secure your settlement. 

Give Your Attorney The List of Damages

You have to tell your truck accident attorney how much in medical bills you paid, your income loss, and any pain and suffering you endured. You have to explain how much you believe you will lose in the future from missed days of work. Attorneys are very knowledgeable in estimating damages and will accurately calculate how much your damages may be worth. 

What happens if a delivery truck crashes?

When a delivery truck crashes, the company that owns the truck will launch an investigation to discover what happened. They will collect the driver’s logs, truck inspector’s report, black box, police report, and other supplementary information that helps them understand how the accident occurred. 

How often do truck drivers get into accidents?

These accidents happen pretty frequently. In 2012, there were 77,000 large truck crashes that caused an injury. Additionally, 253,000 large truck crashes caused property damage. Truck accidents, in general, are far less frequent than car accidents, as a truck driver’s career is on the line if he gets into an accident. These wreckages are prevented as much as possible.

What trucking company has the most accidents?

Swift Transportation is known to have the most reported collisions compared to all other trucking companies. The official reasoning is unknown; however, it could be due to the driver training and the level of quality accepted on hiring. While not too high on the list, FedEx and UPS are the other trucking companies that had the most accidents. This can be simply because UPS and FedEx have a vast fleet nationwide, which means that the sheer number of trucks only increases the likelihood of being in an accident. 

How to Get Help With Your Delivery Truck Accident 

When you get into a truck accident, you may be suffering terrible injuries that greatly limit your ability to perform the activities you enjoy. You probably have to stay at home to recover and may be missing out on work. When you are dealing with many medical bills, reduced income, and other difficulties, it is time to get a settlement. You can work with a supportive team who can get compensation for you. Contact Timothy J. Ryan & Associates for a free consultation.