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What a Catastrophic Injury Means For Your Future

Posted by Timothy J. Ryan | Oct 22, 2015 | 0 Comments


Being involved in an accident of any sort can lead to catastrophic injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic amputations are catastrophic injuries. The effects of these types of injuries are usually long-term effects that can affect the victim and the victim's family members.

Physical impacts

The physical impacts of a catastrophic injury vary greatly depending on the severity. type and location of the injury. Paralysis, loss of mobility, difficulty completing normal self-care tasks, and trouble with cognition are all possible physical effects.

People who suffer from a complete spinal cord injury might be diagnosed with tetraplegia or paraplegia. A person with a brain injury might suffer from loss of memory or have a change in mental focus.

Living with an amputation means having to learn how to cope with life's challenges while accommodating for the lost body part.

In some cases, infection is possible. Infection can significantly impact a person's life, especially if intravenous medications are necessary to control the infection. If the infection is resistant to antibiotics or spreads beyond a localized area, surgical intervention might occur.

Emotional effects

The emotional effects of suffering from a catastrophic injury isn't limited only to the victim. All of the victim's family members might also suffer from emotional effects. Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and feeling hopeless are all possible for the victim.

While it is unlikely that the victim's family members will experience PTSD, they might experience all the other emotional effects. If a family member becomes a primary caregiver after the catastrophic accident, it is possible for them to suffer from burnout.

Social challenges

The social challenges of living with a catastrophic injury are also considerable. In severe cases, the victim's friends might not visit as often. Some friends might not know how to respond when a friend suffers a catastrophic injury.

That fact alone can make social interaction difficult. For a person who is paralyzed or who has considerable medical challenges, getting out of the house for social interaction can be a taxing experience. Victims of a catastrophic injury who need constant care, such as those who are bed-bound or ventilator-dependent, might be limited when it comes to social interaction because of the need to have a caregiver nearby.

Financial changes

The financial challenges of a catastrophic injury are difficult to overcome. If the victim was an income earner, the family has to learn how to make ends meet without that income. The medical bills, assistive devices, therapies, and other related costs can make a person's financial situation dire.

Consider the costs associated with a spinal cord injury. The estimated first-year medical cost for a person with high tetraplegia is $1,023,924. Each year after, the estimated cost is $171,808. Many people won't be able to cover those expenses on their own.

There is no way that a person can go back in time to stop an accident that leads to a catastrophic injury. Instead, victims of these accidents have to live with the effects. Some victims might opt to seek compensation for their severe injuries to help give them the financial means to seek out the care they need.

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