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T-Bone Accident Attorneys


If you have been involved in a t-bone collision, it was likely caused by a driver ignoring posted traffic rules and instead, cutting through a stop sign, red light, or a yield sign as they were either merging onto the road that you were driving on, or cutting across it. Regardless of exactly how the accident was caused, the issue is the same—you were in a car accident that someone else caused, and they owe you money that goes beyond simply paying for your property damage and basic medical bills. This is where a personal injury lawsuit comes into play. 

The team at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates has been handling cases involving t-bone car crashes for a long time, and this experience will be a great asset to your own situation as you deal with insurance companies and lawyers about getting the money that you truly deserve. As you will learn below, working with insurance companies can be frustrating, combative, and confusing if you are unsure of how this process works, and insurance companies take advantage of the fact that you are trying to prioritize your recovery while dealing with these legal matters.

Read more below about t-bone collisions, dealing with insurance companies, and how we can help you get the money that you are owed in an Orange County personal injury lawsuit after your car accident. We offer an initial consultation where you can discuss your situation with a legal professional and get helpful advice and insight about how we can help you starting today.

Insurance Claims After a Car Accident

Once you have dealt with the initial issues of a car accident, such as getting medical attention, filing a police report, exchanging information with the other driver, and more, you will likely next be dealing with the other driver's insurance company and a claims adjuster. This adjuster will investigate the accident, determine whether or not their client was responsible, and then offer you a settlement amount. In exchange for this settlement, they will require you to waive your rights to seek any future legal action against their client.

As you are trying to get your life back on track, this lump sum might seem like a major help, but you need to be aware that the insurance company will never, under any circumstances, offer you the amount that you truly deserve. For that to happen you will need to work through a series of negotiations, which we will happily manage for you. Our intimate knowledge of personal injury claims, insurance company policies, and what you are actually owed will give us the power to fight with the insurance company's legal team while you work towards recovery.

If we are unable to reach an agreement for an out-of-court settlement, we will then decide to move to a full lawsuit where we will seek the maximum damages for your injuries and suffering. 

Calculating Damages After a T-Bone Crash

You will notice very early on that the insurance company wants to focus entirely on the economic impacts of your injuries and even then will try to get you to agree that many of the impacts are not things that are required to cover. In addition to things like your medical bills, they will also need to cover any of your lost wages, any paid time off or vacation time used to make up for this lost time off, and any other expenses associated with your injuries. 

In addition to the financial impacts, both impacts that the insurance company will or will not admit to being responsible for, there are many different non-economic damages that you are entitled to as well. These non-economic damages include things like the pain and suffering associated with your injuries, the depression that comes with being unable to pursue your hobbies and passions while you are recovering (or, even worse, if you suffer life-changing injuries that will never fully heal). We will make sure that all of these issues are considered and compensated as much as possible.


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