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Failure to Yield


The privilege of driving, for it is most certainly not a right, requires us to follow a set of rules designed to keep all of us safe. This privilege also requires us to respectfully share the road with other drivers. That means that there are times when we will have to stop and let someone pass whether by car on on foot. It also means that we will have to pull over for an ambulance or emergency vehicle when it is lights are flashing and its siren is blaring. In short, understanding that there are times when we must yield to others is a quintessential part of driving safely.

Failure to Yield and Right of Way

The “failure to yield” to pedestrians, other motorists, or emergency vehicles, puts everyone in harm's way. By respecting other vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians, yielding to the right of way ensures the safety of all drivers before proceeding into traffic.

Failure to Yield to Vehicles

When drivers fail to yield to others, particularly emergency medical or public safety vehicles, they impede the care an injured person needs. Not only is this illegal but arguably unethical, too.

Failure to Yield to Pedestrians

Failing to give right of way to pedestrians can cause untold damage. The onus to follow the rule of law, even as it pertains to driving, falls on pedestrians as well as drivers. Still, failing to yield to someone who is crossing the street can cause their death and land the driver in jail.

Important Points to Consider Regarding Failure to Yield Laws

There are components of failure to yield laws that detail why these laws must be followed and how doing so can prevent catastrophic outcomes. It is interesting to note that both drivers as well as pedestrians, are bound by these laws.

  • Though drivers are legally obligated to yield to all foot traffic, pedestrians have an obligation to be careful and cross the street when permissible.
  • If violators of these laws are caught, they can be fined upwards of $200.
  • In addition to fines and tickets, drivers who choose not to yield to pedestrians can also get points added to their record by the Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV. Drivers in violation of this law are also subject to fines. If those fines go unpaid, or the driver racks up additional points within a specified time frame, they run the risk of having their license suspended.
  • Tickets for infractions related to the failure to yield can lead to misdemeanor charges.

How to Prevent Accidents That Result From a Failure to Yield

As with so many other types of car accidents, those created by a failure to yield to pedestrians and other vehicles is completely preventable. By following the rules of the road and the law as a whole, many problems and crises can be averted.

In addition to being mindful of the rules of the road as well as the drivers and walkers with whom we commute, it is also important to remain aware of road signs and lights. If vehicles appear to not be yielding when it is clear that they should, it's possible that incorrect signage is leading them to do so. By doing your civic duty and contacting the Orange County Public Works division when you notice broken traffic signs, burnt out lights, and malfunctioning traffic signals, you may be saving countless lives.

What To Do If You Are Hurt By Someone Else's Failure to Yield

The failure to yield can harm people, animals, vehicles, and lead to accidents and crashes that serve only to spur more accidents, road delays, and heavy congestion. By follow the rules of the road and remaining aware of the fact that we share the road with others, we can prevent accidents and deaths.

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