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Garbage Truck

When garbage truck drivers make minor mistakes, it can have fatal results. About 67% of garbage truck accidents were due to car crashes. Garbage trucks sometimes crushing their victims due to oversights that could have been easily avoided. If you or a loved one were in a garbage truck accident, you can receive the help you need. Your truck accident attorney can fight for your right to a settlement for both personal injuries and wrongful death cases. While most of the accidents happen to the employees of the garbage truck company, when you are injured by one as a bystander, your damages can be covered as well. 

Garbage truck accidents happen throughout Orange County and often result in the death of the victims. When this happens, you can work with a proven attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve for your losses. You can contact Timothy J. Ryan & Associates for a free consultation. 

How to Get Help After a Bad Garbage Truck Accident

Garbage trucks can weigh up to 50,000 pounds, where the heavy machinery built into the truck makes crashing into one of these vehicles highly dangerous. When injured, you should get legal representation to help you obtain a settlement.  

How Garbage Truck Accidents Happen

The misfortune of a fatal garbage truck accident can occur through various means:

Being Run Over 

A large number of fatalities are due to the truck running over bystanders. This is because the drivers can’t fully see who is around the truck and wind up backing into or driving over them. The drivers weren’t fully following safety protocols, leading to the death of people around the truck. 

Being Crushed By Waste Disposal

Unfortunately, many homeless people fall asleep in dumpsters and are unaware of when a garbage truck is emptying its contents. While rare, being crushed by garbage truck accidents happen sometimes. If your loved one was accidentally killed by this type of incident, you can get the help of a law firm to stand beside you. 

Crashing in Trucks

Sometimes, truck drivers make mistakes and ram into cars around them. When you get into a car accident with a garbage truck, you will need to get plenty of evidence to prove that you were not at fault for your car crash. 

Who Is Liable For Your Damages?

When you have been following the rules of the road and haven’t intentionally walked into a hazard, you are most likely not at fault. Garbage truck drivers sometimes make mistakes, as driving a garbage truck can be very complex and difficult to manage. You will have to work with a car crash attorney to help you gather the evidence to prove that the garbage truck drivers were negligent. 

What Can Your Attorney Do to Help?

Your attorney can take several steps to help you identify what damages you have, estimate them, and negotiate a settlement with the other party.

Help You Collect Evidence

When you get into an accident, you should take pictures of your injuries and any property damage. This can happen near your home or on the road. You will want to get a police report of the incident and gather any contact information from witnesses. Your attorney will take additional steps, and get the work history of the drivers, drug tests if applicable, traffic camera recordings, and any other evidence that can reveal the negligence of the truck drivers. 

Make a List of Damages

In addition to your medical bills, your attorney will put together your settlement using your lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. If it is a wrongful death, you can expect they’ll include burial costs, loss of valuable service, loss of consortium, number of dependents, and a long list of other factors to consider. Your lawyer will accurately determine the amount of compensation you are due. 

Approach Other Parties

As strong negotiators, lawyers can communicate with the other parties on a professional level. They will help you get compensation by showing them evidence and continuously pressuring them to settle. 

Represent You if You Decide to Sue And Not Settle

If the other parties don’t settle, you can file a lawsuit to obtain your compensation. Your attorney will represent you in court before a jury, which will ultimately determine the settlement amount. 

Get Help Now For Your Garbage Truck Accident

When you are ready to seek a settlement, you can be guided by a strong law firm that has your best interests at heart. You deserve compensation for the damages you experienced, as this will help your life return to normal. Call Timothy J. Ryan & Associates today for a free consultation.